What we think are 3 Benefits of a Serviced Office

  1. You save money on upfront costs


Moving into a traditional office space can literally bleed you dry. You’ll not only have to commit to a long-term lease agreement, but you’ll also have to spend money on supplies, furniture, Internet wiring, telephone line rental and décor. In a serviced office you don’t need to worry about any of these overheads as they will be covered in your rent. Other pay-as-you use facilities such as conference rooms will also be available. In addition, operators will maintain the premises, allowing you place more emphasis on your business and less on hiring people to conduct mundane tasks such as cleaning and answering phones.


  1. You can get setup in a premium location


Projecting the right “image” is a crucial element of success. If you radiate an aura of professionalism within your sector, you’ll be seen as an expert within your field. Some property agencies will help you find a suitable location if you don’t know where to start. Never underestimate the power of image; there’s no better way to show people you mean business than through a prestigious address.

Serviced offices are often located in areas of esteem, allowing you to get setup in a place that represents your particular industry. For example, if you run a financial firm and have a serviced office in Canary Wharf, you’ll automatically be ahead of your competition. Being in a location that represents your industry also provides greater networking opportunities if you want to expand your horizons and work with other businesses.


  1. You can accommodate expansion and contraction


One of the main reasons why businesses often favour serviced offices as a starting platform is because of their flexibility. Short-term letting agreements can vary from one month to one year, and during this time you are free to expand or contract the size of your premises each month to accommodate your needs.

If your business starts taking off faster than you anticipated, a serviced office can cope with the changes. From knocking down walls to relocating to larger floors, operators will strive to ensure their property can adapt to suit your business needs.

Before you start thinking about renting an office space, make sure you have a sound business plan. If you can afford a traditional office space, but don’t feel like taking the risk, feel free to test the waters with a serviced office. It could be all you need to boost motivation and start driving profits.