IMG_9956A common thought for those deciding on whether coworking is for them, is the people that will be surrounding them during the day. The atmosphere in the office can determine the productivity, the levels of success and the feeling of the person during the day. What a lot of people forget to think about is that these people that are using the coworking space will be in the same position. They may be using a coworking space, sat next to a free desk. They will probably be wondering, who is next to come through that door and sit next to me? People that use coworking spaces are usually in the same boat, they want to make connections, they want their business to grow, and if you can help each other, then you will certainly befriend people around you.

The coworking space itself can actually find use of your services or product too. For example, if you’re a start up business with some a new tech product, that might improve Internet speed, or maybe boost phone signal whilst in the building then they could be interested in you as a business contact, rather than a customer. That doesn’t mean that the coworking space is just going to treat you like a customer either if you don’t have something they want. These people have a lot of contacts that could need your business. There are always opportunities available in these spaces to grow your business; simply chatting to someone whilst making a cup of tea, can spark them. Trust us, it happens a lot more than you would think.

You can sit at your desk, or sit in one of the break out areas to work. The trouble with a regular office is IMG_9950that you’re confined to your desk and perhaps the kitchen. With coworking spaces, it’s about how you work best. If you work best stood up rather than sat down, then the space accommodates for this, perhaps you want to sit on your own to make a call, there’s space for this. You’re pretty free to work where you like, that’s what it’s all about. A collaborative space, that allows you to feel comfortable and work at your best.

Our office space in Reading is designed with small businesses and the individual in mind.