The layout of a coworking space



Our serviced office in Reading is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide you with a key fob to let yourself into the coworking area, so whenever you need to get some work done, you’ve got the space to do it. Our coworking space is not small as preferred according to the infographic above, so we have focused on desk placement to make up for this. The desks are in blocks of 4, and you’re never more than 2/3 metres away from another block.

We’re a serviced office, that provides a coworking space. We are used to people needing their own dedicated desks, and those that wish to clear up at the end of the day and not be tied down to one desk. Our dedicated desks are integrated throughout the space, so there’s no divide between the full-timers and the flexible workers.

There’s plenty of space around the centre for noise. Desk dividers help filter out the noise, but if you need to, you can find a seat in one of our breakout rooms or kitchens and take a view across Reading.