It doesn’t seem long ago that we were staring at a big monitor with a loud, heavy computer under the desk, slowly getting it’s head round Window’s 98. Touch screen was a futuristic dream. Your phone was able to make calls and send text messages, but Mobile Internet? Facebook? Tweeting? These were all about to change the way we work completely.


So what’s it done for businesses?

Businesses can now provide real-time updates to their ideal audience, in the form of social media. Digital marketing has changed not only the way a business would think about promoting their service or product, but the business structure itself. Online marketing teams, agencies and freelancers have all become the norm in today’s world. In 2013, a research found that 1 in 4 people are using social media. Can your business really miss out on that many potential customers?

Businesses can now have a conference with clients or partners- no matter where they are in the world. Tools such as Skype allow us to connect with people in real time video calls, and in turn saving the business money in travel.

Websites are no longer as huge of an issue for businesses now. Start-ups can use sites such as WordPress and Tumblr to create simple 2-3 page websites to get themselves online, for a fraction of the price of what it once was.

The cloud has been one of the major changes in businesses, however. Now loud, bulky hard drives are a thing of the past, with online storage taking over. Dropbox for example, allows you to store as much as you need in the cloud, for an affordable price. The best bit? You can access those files wherever you are. The cloud has changed the way we work, as no longer do we rely on hardware memory.

These are just a few ways that technology has changed the way we work, but we’d love to hear how it’s changed how you work. Let us know in the comments below!