Hello Lorraine! Great to have you as our first business blog, so let’s get straight into this and ask you first off, where did it all begin?

Well I started Miss Mandalay 10 years ago, after working in the television industry with programmes such as Under the Hammer and a range of other lifestyle shows. I left this behind after deciding I wanted to start a family, because I realised that I couldn’t raise my child whilst still working in this sector. It wouldn’t be fair on them with so much of my time involved in this job. This was a big reason for starting my own business, but the reason for Miss Mandalay was because I was a frustrated consumer to be honest. Miss Mandalay specialises in products for other women who want stylish & great fitting intimates in large bra cup sizes.

We were taking a look online at Miss Mandalay and it seems you’re certainly doing well as a business, did I read somewhere about some celebrities wearing Miss Mandalay swimwear? That must have been exciting Tulisa harbour bikini - June 2012to hear?Billie Faiers in Goldcoast bikini

Yes we’ve had celebrities such as Tulisa and Billie Faiers wearing some bits from our swimwear range, this was great to see!

So what brought you to Reading Business Centre?

Well I was looking around at other office space in Reading, and they all seemed so corporate. I didn’t think my business would suit such an environment, and I needed to find somewhere more relaxed, with a wider variety of industries. When I came in to view the offices, Reading Business Centre offered that and more! It seemed new, and contemporary whilst housing a great mix of businesses and people, and it just felt right for my business and me. I must say though, the view was definitely a unique selling point. You can’t beat it. It’s in a great location looking over Reading, and you’ve got Broad Street Mall right underneath us!

You clearly have a lot of your stock in your office, was this a problem when moving in?

Well we have more stock in a Warehouse, but as you can see there’s lot here. At first I thought it might be a challenge getting it up here, but the help I received from the Reading Business Centre team was phenomenal. Oana is always around to help, there was many a time where we had the team including Nick and Alex helping us bring the boxes to our office. I’m very pleased with the support from the Centre, and they’re all so nice! It’s a great atmosphere to work in.

Is Miss Mandalay on social media for the readers to connect with you?

Yes of course, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, and also Instagram! We often post new products, and also events coming up. Definitely check us out online.


Also check out the website here.