Hi Kieran, lovely to have you on our blog! Let’s start off by asking, what is Learn Direct?

Learn Direct is the UK’s largest provider of skills, training and employment services. We help people gain the skills they need for work. We help and training to kick-start their career by offering Maths, English and IT qualifications, higher-level professional qualifications and also job searching to help them get on the right track towards a full time career.

Okay, sounds great! So what brought Learn Direct to the Reading Business Centre?

We came to the centre because of a variety of reasons really, for example the location was excellent. It’sIMG_4404 right in the centre of Reading, 2 minute walk from the train station. Everyone knows Reading station so it’s really helpful to have it so close for our clients. Another reason we chose the serviced office was due to the staff, they are excellent. Oana, the customer service manager is so friendly, she is always willing to help with anything you might need a hand with. Not only business related, but as a friend too. Nick and Alex are great too; they’ve always been so helpful regarding the technology in our office! You can’t forget the view either. It’s really something. When I walk in in the mornings it’s so great to be able to see over the whole of Reading! I’ve told my friends before that they have to come to work with me just to see the view!

It seems you’ve settled into the Reading Business Centre nicely then! How many people are in your office then?

There are only 3 of us, in this region for Learn Direct. However, we always have clients coming in, so with our office being larger we can accommodate more people coming in to do their job search. Also the meeting rooms are great, we just hire out one of the rooms for a group of our clients to come in!

Thanks Kieran!

You can check out Learn Direct on their website here.