Hi Danny! So tell us a little bit about Frontline Telemarketing!

So I’m the Managing Director of Frontline Telemarketing. The company was established at the start of 2014 and specialises in business to business telemarketing and lead generation campaigns.

What made you decide to start your own business? 

Having run my own business previously for 10 years I felt I had effectively self-taught myself what is required to run a successful business.

When did you start at the business centre? 

I started at the Reading Business Centre back in Sunny July 2014. I was one of the first working in the coworking area, so it was great to see people coming in and out. It allowed me to make a lot of contacts, and helped me to grow my business, essentially. IMG_4829

Why did you choose the business centre?

Because it’s a 15 minute walk from home, it’s in a great location for me to commute to.  Also, the views are amazing! With the office in the centre of Reading, it allows my clients to travel to me and find the office very easily, as the train station is just around the corner. The atmosphere and energy the centre has created makes it enjoyable to come to work each day.

Can our readers find your business on social media?  

You can find us on LinkedIn!