Hello Anne! Tell us a little bit about BetterPoints!

BetterPoints started as “Reward Your World” in 2010 with the aim of rewarding people for doing the right thing, be it volunteering, using sustainable transport, being active or visiting parks. We reward people with BetterPoints for registering these activities usually through our app (for Android and iPhone) or buying Reading Buses tickets online. I joined in August last year to promote the scheme in Reading which rewards people for choosing sustainable transport, i.e. walking, cycling and getting the bus.

So how can people get involved in this scheme?

All they need to do is register for free on www.betterpoints.uk and download our app from iTunes here or Google Play Store here. Once you’ve logged in to the app, go for a walk or cycle ride and register your sustainable transport choice on the app under the bicycle icon. We’ll give more points the more and further you go, with weekly and monthly bonuses.

the office

So you started at the business centre back in September of 2014, what made you choose to work in our serviced office in Reading?

I needed to be near our partners, Reading Borough Council and Reading Buses, and our retail partners too in the town centre. It was also a great place to arrange meetings as it’s so central in Reading. The view was a great bonus!

Has the centre helped your business? We always hear of people making new contacts and friends in the office, do you feel that the community feel to it has helped your productivity?

It’s a modern, professional, pleasant and friendly place to work. I’ve got to know people and I’m sure I get a lot more done at the business centre than I would do working at home!

Finally, where can our readers find BetterPoints on social media?
I tweet at @BetterPointsRDG and our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/BetterPointsReading

Thank you Anne! Keep up the great work you’re doing for Reading.