Hello Tom! Tell us a little bit about your business.

Hi! Well Become Digital a digital marketing agency in Reading with a focus on the technology sector – websites, social media, content marketing…that kind of work. We’re a learning company, which means our staff are young professionals with a passion for the digital world, bringing a real enthusiasm and natural ability to promote businesses online.

So what brings Become Digital to Reading Business Centre?

So the business started in October 2014, and being a start-up, we needed office space in Reading that was affordable but able to provide a professional hub for our clients to come in and meet us. I met Oana and Nick before I signed up and I knew that I could feel very comfortable with the greeting they would provide to guests. Whether it is offering our clients tea and coffee at reception, or giving us details of the next networking event in Reading, they want you as a local business to succeed.

Would you say Reading Business Centre has helped your business grow then?

Definitely – the shared office space means that we are always bumping into new people. It’s a great atmosphere to work in; never knowing what business you might be working next to tomorrow. Everyone is really supportive of each other; even the companies that do similar things seem to discuss points and collaborate, not feel like they have to be guarded.  There are established businesses around the centre too and they’re always willing to give advice.

And the best bit about Reading Business Centre?

From a practical point of view, the location is great; our staff travel from all over the county and it’s equally easy for all of us to get here. Less practically, the view! The 360 degree view across Berkshire is just brilliant.

Find out more about Become Digital on their website.