The top 5UK Tech clusters

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…but we can do better

Tech City has produced a report on tech clusters in the UK, and it looks good. Reading is up there in 4th place, but I think there’s still room for improvement. Reading is rapidly growing in the digital world; you only need to see the bright minds that  are coming out the the university to understand this. Great concepts are being planned, designed and put into production by start-up businesses. A fantastic example of a tech-lead product is KYMIRA sportswear. This business was started by Reading University Graduate; Tim Brownstone. He designed the idea of sportswear that works with your body, and it’s only been a success story so far. You can take a look at KYMIRA here. 

“Digital companies are experiencing a boom – over half of the 50 percentcompanies analysed were formed since the start of 2008, with 15% set up in 2013-14 alone. Clusters like the long-established Cambridge cluster have a relatively small number of newer companies, with the digital companies in the region building on a local heritage in technology. In areas such as Bournemouth and Brighton, a large number of companies have emerged in the past couple of years, taking advantage of the areas’ growing reputation as digital creative hubs, and new opportunities in sectors such as app development and mobile gaming. The formation rate of new companies is rapidly growing, with 53% more digital companies formed in 2013 than in 2010. Some clusters are seeing a particularly sharp rise in the rate of company formation – Bournemouth has seen a rise of over 200%, and Liverpool a growth of 119%.” – Tech City

With everything going on in Reading, including University Graduates with fresh ideas, coworking space being offered in the centre of town, and more recently networking events- We should be on the right track to being top of that list.