Different people prefer different layouts to their desk; it’s just based on how that person works best. Is your desk defining what your coworkers think of you though? People that prefer their desk neat and prioritized may be seen as less productive believe it or not, whilst messy desks could portray a busy person that’s got a lot on. Take it, as you will!

Barack Obama has been quoted saying “I don’t get my member of staff to pass me paperwork until 2 seconds before I need it, or I’d lose it.”

desk-602975_1280The other side to this, is that people prefer a neat desk to focus on the job in hand. If they have paperwork, or pens littering their desk, they may find themselves getting distracted. When you see a coworker with a neat desk, you may think they’re productive, they’re focused, and you know the work will be completed. When faced with a co-worker with a messy desk, you may think; do they know what they’ve got to do next? In what order are they doing that work? Will it be completed on time? That’s not to say people with messy desks won’t complete work at the same pace or at the same quality, it’s just different styles of working.

This leads on to coworking spaces. Knowing that your desk has to be cleared when you’re finished might be kind of a prompt to keep it neat. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is to be tidying up a messy desk.

How do you work best? Messy or neat?