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The Digital Nation

By | Reading Business Centre Blog

Digital technology companies are pivotal to the UK economy. The diverse digital industries that make up our nationwide technological DNA have grown over the past five years, despite a challenging economic climate.

Here’s some of the stats from Tech City UK’s Tech Nation report of 2015.

The digital Nation

The LinkedIn Guru

By | Reading Business Centre Blog


We’re really pleased to see that one of our regulars, Rachel Tombs, has been recognised for her incredible startup- Links2Leads.

Rachel has won two awards for her knowledge and ability using popular social networking service, LinkedIn, to encourage growth within businesses. Having been founded back in March 2015, over 120 businesses have benefitted.

At this year’s The Best of Business of the Year Awards, Links2Leads deservingly claimed third place in the National Business & Professional Services category. The startup also managed to finish fourth in the best of Windsor category.

When asked by GetReading of her success, Rachel said:

“I’ve worked with many businesses and individuals over the past fifteen years as a solicitor and I wanted to find a new way of constantly engaging with my clients and attracting new ones, along with forming strategic business alliances. I heard about LinkedIn and was encouraged to join its professional network. I undertook extensive training on it and learnt what a cost and time effective tool it could be for businesses, of all sizes. ”

Links2Leads helps people to engage with people within LinkedIn, whilst offering training and consulting to build profiles that will gain a response. Rachel also runs workshops, details of which can be seen here.

RG1 Networking at Artigiano

By | Reading Business Centre Blog

We had a great networking session this morning with Artigiano Café as our venue. It was great to see the team at Reading Business Centre mixing with lots of local businesses and swapping business referrals. Fresh coffee and croissants were a bonus!

This was our last event before Christmas, but watch out on our Twitter feed (@rdguk) and here on the blog for the latest updates on our next session in January 2016.

How to gain inspiration as a creative

By | Reading Business Centre Blog

We all face it. Whether you’re a writer, designer, artist, or any other type of creative. We sometimes hit that wall where coming up with fresh ideas seems impossible. These tips could just be the answer for you.

1. Move away from the topic for a minute

Some may say procrastination, but really, taking your mind away from the task in hand can actually open your thought process and could spark the idea you need. You might do this buy doodling, or writing a poem about something that happened in your day. Anything that gets pen to paper, or hand to keyboard I suppose is going to help you out. It’s going to give you some time to gather your thoughts, and something you might write or draw for simple entertainment could turn out to be the basis of your actual work.

2. See what’s going onstartup-593342_640

We don’t mean copy from someone else’s creativity. This is about your approach- taking the idea from someone else is not the way to go. I’m simply saying that seeing what others are doing within their work can be very helpful to give inspiration. For example, someone designs an awesome logo that you think would work really well for your project- go back to tip 1. Draw out some basic shapes that are based around it, play with the idea, and build on it. It doesn’t matter what way the idea may go, but what you’ve achieved is the jump between sitting there pondering where to start and actually getting some ideas down to come back to.


3. Choose the right soundtrack

Different people work differently of course, but personally, sticking on the right music can really spur some creativity. It’s up to you on the genre, but I tend to move towards more flowing, smooth music when designing, to reflect what I’m trying to achieve on the canvas. When writing, I tend to sway towards more lyrically based music. Give it a whirl, and see if it works for you. It may take a while to find the right choice for what you’re doing but once you’ve found what makes your creative juices flow, you’re halfway there.


4. Try switching things up

Sat at your desk? Go and sit somewhere else, get a different atmosphere, a new view or a writing-525728_640different working position. I find when I need to think, this approach really gives me a bit of a kick in inspiration. It differs from the norm, which is exactly what creativity is all about. Maybe it’s to do with the task itself, maybe switching up how you work might work for you. If you’re always typing, or staring at a screen, take the original planning stages onto paper. Don’t be restricted on where you can sit because of a lack of power sockets. Take your work outside, write up some ideas or sketch some designs. You’ll be amazed at what a change of scenery can do.

These are all suggestions, of course. You need to find that balance of productivity and creativity yourself, but these might just help.